Live Event Productions


You are from a church, club, band or other organization, and are preparing for a live event. You have the equipment, but you need someone to run it. If you want your event to sound good, look good, and run smoothly, you need production professionals. I have been running live sound for events for fifteen years, experience which has included touring and mixing in venues from small clubs to large arenas. Do you need someone to program and operate lights? I've done that too. How about video? Yes, I have experience in video as well.


Are you are looking to purchase equipment, but don't know what to get? Allow me to assist you. I can bring my years of experience and knowledge to help you understand your needs. Often times, the people who are consulting you are also selling the equipment, and may sell you more than you need. Bring in someone independent, who will look after your interests and provide you with reasonable advice.


You man have someone (or several people) to run your equipment, but you are aware that need some training. Let me help you. I can use my knowledge and experience to teach others about how to run sound and lighting equipment. While not everyone will become experts at operating these systems, I am able to break down and explain these complex systems and pieces of equipment in simple enough terms that everyone can understand.

In summary, I can run equipment for events, consult on equipment needs, and train people on the use of equipment. Please note, I do not currently have equipment available for rental. Follow the link below to learn more about my experience. Please contact me if you believe I may be able to help you with your needs.