Audio Recording and Production

You are trying to capture a sound, or perhaps you have something recorded already and want it to sound better. These are the times when you need an audio engineer. So, how can I help you? Keep reading below for a description of the services I offer.

Recording Engineer

First of all, I can engineer recording sessions. Do you or someone you know have some recording equipment, but need someone who knows how to get the most out of it? I can help. Additionally, I also can do recording sessions at some of the primary recording studios around the city. Getting good recordings takes more than just plugging in a microphone. You need a recording engineer in order to get the best sound possible.


Do you have a recording project that you are wanting to do, but have no experience in the whole process of recording? You need a producer. What exactly does a producer do? Potentially many different things, depending on the producer and the project. But overall, a producer oversees all of the various details which need to be addressed in order to take a recording from a concept to a final project. In this way, a producer is like a project manager. A producer brings experience and understanding to the table, in order to handle everything from time and budget management, to artistic guidance.

Post Production

You may have some sounds already recorded, but need help cleaning them up and putting them all together. This is the part of the recording process known as post production. I can help you by editing and mixing recorded material either in my own private studio, or in another studio. The project isn't finished as soon as it's recorded. Let me help you finish your project off by making it sound as good as possible.

In summary, the services I can provide are recording engineering, producing, and editing/mixing/post production. Please follow the links below to see my experience and to listen to demos of my work, then let me know if I can help you with your project. (Please note that at the current time I do not have my own tracking facilities, only a mixing/post-production room.)